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Anfà, Cataratto Bio

Fresh and fruity, Cataract is the sentimental soul of Sicily.

The Catarratto has been in Sicily since time immemorial, the first documentary sources date back more than three centuries ago.
It is spread throughout Sicily and after the Trebbiano is statistically the white grape vine with more planted areas of Italy.
The most representative area for the White White Catarratto is certainly near Trapani, while the Catarratto Bianco is also popular in the provinces of Agrigento and Palermo.
Our Anfà is produced purely in our estate at Camporeale at 400 mt of altitude, nose is an explosion of Sicily, exotic fruits and citrus fruits, especially grapefruit, while in the mouth is fresh, full and persistent.
Try it as an aperitif on hot summer days, or with fish dishes, possibly in front the Sicily sea.

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